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14th Petroleum Industry Meeting - Polish Biofuel Market &

10th Annual Conference of the Polish Chamber of Biofuels

22th-23th September 2021

Novotel City West Cracow, Poland

Remaining time

The past year has put all of us in a situation that requires a change in the approach to doing business and the application of special security and communication measures. All this to maintain relationships with customers and business partners developed over the years. This is probably not the end of the transformation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but as an organizer of meetings, we are aware of the constantly growing need for face-to-face contact and discussion. That is why we decided to organize this year's meeting for the biofuels and biocomponents industry.

Information Market SA has established cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Biofuels, the aim of which is to organize two related conferences that have become a permanent fixture in the calendar of industry events. Thanks to the agreement, most of the participants of these events so far will be able to participate in them in one place and at the same time. The conference will be conducted in Polish. The organizer provides simultaneous translation into English of all presentations during the conference and enables the purchase of on-line streaming access.

We encourage you to book in your calendars the date of September 22-23th, 2021 and register for participation in the 14th Fuel Industry Meeting - Polish Biofuels Market and the 10th Annual Conference of the Polish Chamber of Biofuels, which will be held in Crakow.


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Wednesday, 22th September 2021


Arrival and accommodation of participants at the hotel


Registration of participants


Official banquet

Thursday, 23th September 2021


Coffee break


The official opening of the conference


1st Panel

Regulatory environment and National GHG Emissions Reduction Target

Current status of the regulations and what changes are planned

Wojciech Kotala, Adrian Biały - Cabaj Kotala Doradctwo Podatkowe

New requirements for verification of compliance with the sustainability criteria resulting from Renewable Energy Directive (RED II)

Delfina Rogowska, Oil and Gas Institute

ORLEN Poludnie - biorafinery direction

Mateusz Krzak, ORLEN Południe S.A.

Coffee break


2nd Panel

Blending wall - the possibility of increasing the share of biocomponents in the fuels

Challenges for European FAME producers in terms of increasing climate ambitions in EU

Xavier Noyon, European Biodiesel Board

Storage and distribution infrastructure for biofuels in Poland

Michał Lechowicz, PERN S.A.

Optimal implementation path for E10 introduction - findings from the Oil and Gas Institute research

Jan Lubowicz, Oil and Gas Institute



3rd Panel

Debate: Strategy for achieving the RES target in transport in the context of EU plans

Introductory presentation - Emmanuel Desplechin, ePURE

Participants invited to the debate:
Emmanuel Desplechin - ePURE
Zygmunt Gzyra - Polish Chamber of Biofuels
Robert Brzozowski - Unimot S.A.
Leszek Wiwała - Polish Oil Industry and Trade Organisation
Michal Lechowicz - PERN S.A.

Closing remarks


Farewell dinner

Friday, 24th September 2021


Check-out and departure of participants


*Invited speakers during confirmation

*The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the conference program.

Conditions of participation

for participants who participated in previous Meetings and Information Market customers
till 22th August

460 € net/pers.

since 22th August

510 € net/pers.

for participants who apply for the first time
till 22th August

490 € net/pers.

since 22th August

540 € net/pers.

Special safety rules on the Meeting

Due to the restrictions imposed on event organizers in closed rooms, new Regulations for participation in the Meeting shall apply from 1 July 2021. The current polish law regulations define the limits of unvaccinated people who can participate in the event as 1 person per 10 m2. Considering the dynamics of introducing new law regulations - on the day of the Meeting - this limit may be different. The Organizer will inform the Participants immediately about any changes.

The maximum number of unvaccinated persons who can participate in the Meeting has been curently registered.
At the same time, we would like to remind you that vaccinated people are currently not subject to any participation limits.

Under current legislation, anyone who has taken the full dose of an approved vaccine and 14 days have passed since that dose is considered vaccinated. We would also like to remind you that due to the applicable limits, the Organizer will verify the vaccination status of people entering the Meeting using the QR code reading application confirming the validity of the certificate issued to the vaccinated person. Before the verification, the Organizer will provide the Participant with a consent form for data processing in the form of information about the health condition - vaccination validity. Persons who refuse to be verified will be treated as unvaccinated persons and will be allowed to participate in the meeting, provided that the legal number of unvaccinated persons allowed to participate in the meeting is not exceeded.


Declatarion of the Participation

Order Form. Biofuel Industry Meeting 2021, Cracow, Poland (22th-23th September 2021)
Participation's Regulations

Regulations of the 14th Fuel Industry Meeting - Polish Biofuel Market 2021, Cracow, Poland (22th-23th September 2021)
Participation's Regulations

Regulations for participation in the Biofuel Industry Meeting 2021, Cracow, Poland (from July 1st, 2021)
Consent to the processing of personal data

Consent to the processing of personal data along with information about the vaccination status.
ON-LINE Aplication Form

Application for ON-LINE participation in the Biofuel Industry Meeting. Krakow, 23 September 2021


Additional information

The Hotel Booking

The organizer of the event made a preliminary reservation of the accommodation pool for the participants of the Meeting, which is guaranteed until 31th August 2021.
The booking form - entitling to take advantage of the promotional room rate at the Novotel Cracow City West Hotel - will be sent by the organizer with confirmation of participation in the conference.
Please consider submitting your application form in advance as the guaranteed reservation will expire on the date indicated above.
Unused rooms will be returned to the Hotel's disposal, allocated depending on their availability at standard prices - valid on the day of booking.
All reservations must be guaranteed by credit card, full payment will be made two weeks prior to arrival.
After this date, it will not be possible to cancel the reservation free of charge.

Novotel Cracow City West Hotel

This four-star Hotel is located in the green part of the city, which is now rapidly changing into an office center.
The hotel is very well connected with the main railway station, and thus with the Balice airport. Public transport stops are right next door. Due to its proximity to the Cracow motorway ring road, it can also be reached quickly by car.
Modern interiors, a separate conference area, renovated fitness center and swimming pool, spacious 30-meter rooms, warm colors and super-fast WiFi guarantee comfortable rest and ideal conditions for work.
There will also be attractions for active people who like to discover interesting places. Convenient public transport connections to the Old Town, Kazimierz,  and the ICE Center.

How to get there

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